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Christopher Dudley, keyboardist of Christian metal band Underoath, 2008:

[Illegal downloading] depends on who the person is, I think. I don’t think there is anything wrong with downloading per say, but when downloading makes people not buy records, I don’t like that because obviously if I like a band, I’m going to want to go and buy their record. Not saying that just because I’m a band, but I’m going to want to support what they are doing. I just never really understood [people who say] ‘I like that band, but I don’t want to support them. I’d rather just take it.’


Underoath has released 7 studio albums since ’99 (the latest 4 hit various places including #1 on the Billboard 200, Top Rock, Top Christian). The first two were released on formerly independent label Takehold, the rest on Tooth & Nail Records and their divisions. EMI’s Christian subsidiary owns a 50% stake in T&N.