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Paul Wall

Paul Wall (Rapper/Shiny Teeth Enthusiast), in an interview about, umm, grills:

[The internet] was one of the main things for me as it will spread whatever you have going on. I could put a song on there tonight and you could be in Croatia and the song will be there in ten minutes. . . [Piracy] is promotion for any artist. I love it.

Simple enough!

[Grillz By Paul Wall]

Paul Wall has been affiliated with the independent label Swishahouse since the end of the ’90s. His first major release was in 2005 on Swishahouse/Atlantic (#1 on Billboard 200). He recently was in a hip-hop group with Travis Barker, his latest release was in 2010 (#56 on Billboard 200), and his largest current venture is selling mouth grills.