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Goo Goo Dolls

In 2007, Goo Goo Dolls singer John Rzeznik spoke firmly against filesharing.

More and more people actually spend a buck. I do it every day. It’s a buck. Please, just give us a buck. . . It’s wrong. I did this work and I deserve to get paid for it. What people have got to remember is it’s really fun to take down The Man but The Man will always be there. It’s the artists that are the last ones to get paid and we get paid the least of anybody in the chain. Our last record sold maybe 800,000 copies – we didn’t make any money. None. Not one penny from record sales. Imagine if we weren’t able to go out and tour and make money on tour. What would we have done? We would have had a gold record and go out and get jobs.

Fast forward three years and Rzeznik admits to using Limewire P2P services! Well, just once, he says, to find a song in which ultimately resulted in a cover on the “deluxe” version of their latest album:

Actually, I have to confess that I went to Limewire and found a copy of the original song [by Flesh For Lulu] because I couldn’t find it on iTunes. So, if I ever run into the guys from Flesh For Lulu, I promise I’ll give them a buck [laughs].

And rewinding back to 2007, Robby Takac, guitarist, had a different idea:

I think I can look at the situation and say I can’t blame the fucking kids. I have to blame the industry for looking at a wall full of writing for many, many years and just going, ‘Meh! The government will work it out.’ You know what, they don’t do that anymore.

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