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Indie-rock outfit Eisley releases their third album – The Valley – today (March 1st). In true Pirate Verbatim style, here is some old news to go with the new news!

In a September 2009 blog, the band of siblings blogged about the importance of illegal downloading for music itself. In part:

“. . . No matter what people pay or don’t pay… music has held it’s value. The price tag has little to do with that value. Music is life… it’s not a luxury we hope to afford or even a commodity we need to help make life bearable. . . Do I think it should have a price tag? Yes. Do I agree with those British artists currently ranting about illegal downloads (hurting the little guys)? Sure. It hurts bands like Eisley but it also helps bands like Eisley. . . ”

The blog is long, so head over to Eisley’s blog to find out WHY they say free music helps bands like Eisley.

[Equal Vision Records]

Eisley signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2003 and left in 2010. At the end of the same year, they signed to Equal Vision Records, an independent label, who says: “We are entirely owned and operated with no outside financial support. We are however distributed by the Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA Music), which is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.”