Q. So if the artist says they’re okay with piracy, I can torrent their music?
A. I have to say no. What one musician in a band states- whether in passing or in a calculated answer- doesn’t necessarily reflect the feelings of the rest of the musicians of the band. And it absolutely doesn’t usually reflect the feelings of the record labels who like to sue those who illegally download the music which they own and distribute. Yes, that is a disclaimer.

Q. So what is your purpose, then?
A. This site is just a platform for a voice less heard. There is no bias- the opinions in which I post vary quite dramatically. You can subscribe via email or RSS for updates on each post.

Q. Where can I voice MY opinion?
A. The comments are open forum on every single post. I won’t feature anything that wasn’t written by an artist (typically reasonably-famous), though if I get enough demand, I may dedicate one post a week to well-written debate by the illegal downloaders themselves.

Q. Why is your site so ugly?
A. I’m just not a web designer. I used a basic, clean WordPress theme. It gets the job done, I hope.


2 responses to “faq

  1. Stefan Sundin

    I wish you had flattr so I could give you some money. Get it and put a button on the site. Then email me and I will press it. :)

  2. Ha Ha, your site isn’t ugly, it’s clean and simple and good for it :)

    I’ve quite enjoyed reading the quotes, the sensible ones (Nick Rhodes), the great ones (Iggy Pop) and the insane ones (Bono, Gene Simmons).

    Good effort, cheers

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