I started this website because I was growing tired of the directionless debates brewing in forums and articles and conversations and the rest of the internet. Does downloading music without paying matter for the artists or ‘just’ the labels? Is it stealing? Is it a moral dilemma? But is it okay if you’re poor or a kid? But is it okay if they’re charging $30 for one CD, or if you buy it legally later, or if blah blah blah…
Something I noticed is that most of us hadn’t heard a single word from any of the artists themselves. The label executives tell you how they think the musicians feel, and the torrenters tell you how they feel themselves. One large part of the debate was missing…
I did the research so you don’t have to-
And here it is.

You probably have better things to do with your money, but you can buy me a Slurpee… if you insist. Here’s a fancy donate link. You can even donate just a penny. You know you want to.


5 responses to “about

  1. Great Blog indeed! This is indeed a missing voice in many of the debates!

    Many of the links don’t work at the moment, just a heads up

  2. I think you should read into this. It is really interesting to read about thoughts on physical media and downloading

  3. Man, what a great idea for a blog. Keep up the good work, very interesting stuff!

  4. Great site – I think you’ve tapped into something very powerful and important.
    To offer a neutral forum that presents both sides, all aspects of a very complex and nuanced subject is a rare treat.
    Getting the artist’s distilled reaction to file-sharing is very refreshing – even if the artist takes a negative stance. At least it isn’t the RIAA’s shrill rant. Rather, we hear directly from the artist. These are the people who have an undeniable right to their opinion.

    I admire the quality of your posts. The links to the source of the quotes gives real authority to the Pirate Verbatim concept.

    Thank you for the effort. Keep posting.

  5. Excellent idea for a website! Perhaps you could list artists down the sides like tags on a regular blog? Would make finding quotes from specific people much easier.

    Keep up the good work!

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