KT Tunstall

Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall had a bit to say regarding the music industry in November of 2010:

I actually have mixed feelings about it because, you know, I’m signed to a major label. . . I think of the internet, it has also had a major effect on the music industry. The labels are in a precarious situation where people really aren’t buying records anymore. I heard the statistic that selling 1 million records is the equivalent of selling 5 million records a year ago because so many people are managing to get a hold of it for nothing. So, it’s really changing and I think it’s very sad that people feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for it because it takes so much effort to make it. I put a year in a half and I’ve written 75 songs to make this album. It’s so much work and that’s partly what you’re paying for when you buy a record. On the other hand, on a more positive note the internet has made it so exciting because the cheapness of technology anyone can make an album. . . The ability to get music out there is so much available than before.

But, back in 2007, while Tunstall’s debut album Eye To The Telescope [Relentless Records] was climbing charts, she was singing a different note:

I have to be totally honest… when I heard about all the downloading problems and when I really thought about it, the only people who suffer ultimately – you know, if everything falls to its knees – are people who can’t sing or perform. It’s the people who actually can’t do their job who suffer because if you can’t make your money from record sales… I mean, I just know now that no matter what happens – if I lose all my friends and family and the record company spontaneously combusts – I can go out there and take my guitar out and make enough money to have dinner. It’s something you feel really grateful to be able to do.

[KT Tunstall]
[Chicago Pride]


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