Dropkick Murphys

We’ll forgo the introduction and keep this one nice and simple.

Marc Orrell, former guitarist, way back in 2003:

You know, there’s two sides to that story. There are the people that download the whole fucking album…albums upon albums…and they’ll rob, well, basically just take music. Then there are the kids that just listen to a couple songs, and they’re just trying to get the vibe of it. Me, I take pride in buying my albums. There’s albums that I already have, but when I look at the record store I’m like “Oh, I’m gonna buy that again! That’s a good record!” There are two sides to that story, you know? You can’t really pick and choose.

Current vocalist Al Barr said in 2007:

I guess [file-sharing] cool and hopefully those people like it enough that they’ll go buy the record. It is definitely affecting bands and the face of music in general. I think it’s the shape of things to come and that the music industry will have to accept it.

It’s only half of an answer, but drummer/vocalist Matt Kelly said in June of 2010:

As far as music goes, I’ve always and will probably always be a fan of “hard” media. File sharing is great if you’re sending a new song to a band mate, but MP3’s, WAV files, etc., just aren’t FUN.

[Dropkick Murphys]
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DM signed to Hellcat Records (owned by Epitaph) in 1996. In 2007 they joined Warner Bros. Records and released their sixth album under the WB-owned ‘vanity label’ Born & Bred (as with their 7th and latest, Going Out Of Style, March 1, 2011).


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