Chicanery is a recent music collaboration between Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons, Duran Duran) and Neil Carlill (Delicatessen).

Warren, on the state of the industry:

[The industry is] already in the toilet. CD sales are virtually non-existent, good luck making a decent living in music- it’s pretty much impossible. I’ve invested over 100k doing these records and have only seen 6k back, not really financially feasible. We’ll see what happens, but I have zero expectations.

Neil has more to say:

Well, things have changed so much since I first released a record [in 1994]. I try to embrace what I need to these days. I think illegal downloading damages the artist, just like tape copying did before, but I still think music lovers will try and buy music. The internet business model for music is depressingly similar to the way it always has been, there are a few big sites which control most of the sales. They will dictate the success of the artists. There is a tremendous amount of data to sift through these days so it is as hard as it ever was to get noticed. Still, we must use the tools and adapt. Social networking sites make it possible to know people without ever really making a real connection. It’s like a big virtual reality board game.

[Our Duran Duran post]


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