Well, here’s something I failed to post two weeks ago! I recently interviewed OK Go’s Tim Nordwind in collaboration with music industry publication Hypebot. What kind of interview would it be if I didn’t pop the big question?

There is a wide debate on illegal downloading. Where does OK Go stand on the spectrum?

Obviously we’d love for anyone who has our music to buy a copy. But again, we’re realistic enough to know that most music can be found online for free. And trying to block people’s access to it isn’t good for bands or music. If music is going to be free, then musicians will simply have to find alternative methods to make a living in the music business. People are spending money on music, but it’s on the technology to play it. They spend hundreds of dollars on Ipods, but then fill it with 80 gigs of free music. That’s ok, but it’s just a different world now, and bands must learn to adjust.

Do you think there is a danger in publicly embracing freely distributed music, or the inverse – do you think artists may withhold condemning music-sharing in fear of fan backlash?

I’m sure record label executives don’t like filesharing because it doesn’t sell the one thing that makes them money, the recordings. But from a band’s perspective I think filesharing is fine. Most music these days is freely distributed. We’ve always had naïve faith that as long as we make things that are good and people like them, more opportunities to make things will arise. We will find money from somewhere to chase our best ideas.

Read the interview in full at Hypebot.com – and expect more from my partnership with Hypebot in coming months!


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