R&B artist Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith, is, to say the least, disappointed in the sales of his latest album. He blames illegal downloading and an unfortunate early leak of the unfinished album, Libra Scale.

On Twitter:

“ALL HACKERS DIE SLOW!! It’s stealing plain and simple! There’s places where they cut people’s hands off for less! Y’all SUCK!!!!! . . . My apologies y’all. Try to stay positive but these hackers really make me wanna stab somebody!!! (Not for real, but you get my point..) MAD! . . . I work my a** off when it comes to my music! Blood, sweat and tears, I pride myself on it! Only for somebody to hack in and steal it!?”

Later, he clarified:

I just feel like people don’t have patience anymore. Where’s the class and integrity that came with music back in the day? You listen to it before it’s supposed to be listened to and then you don’t like it but you didn’t even give it a chance to get done. That’s like eating a meal before its finished cooking; of course you’re not gonna like it!

I was a little disturbed by my first week numbers, but a lot of things went into that first week number. The album getting leaked a month in advance definitely had something to do with it. That was another situation where I jumped on my soapbox and let the world know how I felt about that. You know it’s the world we live in today, it’s the game. I’m not gonna let the ignorance of some stop me from doing what I feel like I was put on this earth to do.

[Music Rooms]


4 responses to “Ne-Yo

  1. Its not the fault of illegal downloads… Its the fact that your music truly does suck.
    I actually fell down the hole and bought a copy of your latest cd release… personally there are better things I could have done with the money I spent on your cd’s. Like buy more pot.

    • Might I add that your last cd was leaked by your own PR agent in attempt to get more attention to your work. It only gave people the opertunity to understand that it was better off left on the shelf collecting dust next to the Beetles CD’s.

  2. Who’d want this guy’s music? Jesus Christ he does not know how much better off he is than me, and I could name a dozen artists that work harder than this guy, just because he said this, I’m gonna give free Ne-Yo CD’s out at my school to anyone who wants them, i doubt that’ll be a lot since this guy’s so called music is putrid shit. Screw this guy. Sharing is caring.

  3. Is it just me, or is the second one written by his PR agent?

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