PV Links: Volume 3

Around the interwebs, we found….

Music Piracy In… A Series of Posts (Introduction)
Music Piracy In… The Beginning
Music Piracy In… The 1900s

Fairshare Music – Beta
“You download, we donate.” – Simple enough! (UK only)

Limewire to shut down Dec 31, 2010
Announced yesterday: “Dec. 31, 2010 will mark the day when LimeWire shuts its virtual doors”

Pop will eat itself
“Today’s hottest musicians are too busy making movies and selling perfume. What they don’t understand is that the secret of a long career is a decent back catalogue – and their indifference is killing the music industry.”

Don’t Just Make New Fans – Keep Them
Know how to keep fans engaged.

How Bad Of An Idea Is The Marvel Digital Comics Vault?
Very, says ComicsAlliance.

Comic artist Colleen Doran on comic filesharing
(And comicsreporter weighs in on it)

The Age Of Music Piracy Is Officially Over
It’s a ridiculous notion, but Paul has a lot to say on advances in digital music.

Google is changing to ‘prevent’ illegal filesharing
These tiny tweaks are insignificant and useless on their own, but where does this leave Google on the spectrum?


4 responses to “PV Links: Volume 3

  1. Dear Anonymous troll commenter (x4), you are very misguided. My site is not anti-piracy at all, as shown in… nearly all of it. They’re not very big words, either, so I’m sure you can read them.


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