PV Links: Volume 2

Piracy is killing the music industry. You try playing a guitar with a hook! Hardy har har.

Kickstarter allows you to fund creative endeavors before they happen.

Tunited is a new community website for independent music.

Daily Downloads at Largehearted Boy
Daily downloads. You know, of songs. By bands. To listen to.

Music Industry Says It’s Dying – Way Back In 1980
I’m sure there are earlier accounts.

Why Piracy is Good For Innovation
Market insight, creating new markets – guest essay on Hypebot.

Innovation: How To Save The Concerts Industry
L ive concerts “beamed” straight to the cinema? Interesting concept.

Piracy: A Question of Logic Versus Ethics
Again, yes.

Gene Simmons Gets Creative With Marketing
We all know how Gene Simmons feels about filesharers.

That’s all – just a short list!
And a note: PV Links is a Friday feature- I’m just a little swamped this week. Sorry! 


One response to “PV Links: Volume 2

  1. If your going to put up links I suggest you add Anthony’s blog thing.


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