Ville Valo of HIM offers a unique, broad perspective on filesharing and MP3 quality:

Somebody told me that nowadays selling 100,000 records over in the U.S. is the same as selling 1,000,000 records in the 80s. So I guess we’re just poor. But then again, it’s a good thing in a way because these days it is not the wisest decision to want to become a musician so you can become rich. Maybe it takes a lot of posers out… I think a lot of people who really want to do music for the sake of music, they are in it… But… All the bands are touring because the albums are not selling, and so bands are not really making a living out of it, which means that if the trend continues then a lot of bands should go on strike. I say let’s have the whole world tour free for a year and see if it changes anything.. just as a hypothetical thought or theoretical idea it’s interesting, because I don’t think that music is so expensive now. Especially the fact you don’t have to buy a whole album. Now you can finally buy one or two songs off of an album. I know that the economy is crazy all over the world, but $.99 for a song that can be an essential soundtrack to or an important event in your life… it’s kind of sad that people use poor quality MP3s on 128 kilobits per second to have that as the soundtrack. It’s like a lesser quality soundtrack to life. We record everything on super hi-fi whatever on Pro Tools, and then it is compressed to 16 bits per CD and even lower for MP3s… But I do think that it would be nice if people would appreciate music more, that they don’t download a ton of stuff and just throw it away. It’s like a kid locked in a candy store where he can actually eat everything as opposed to looking at stuff. It easily kills the buzz. A bit older fellows like me can remember the days when we had a date when an album was coming out, and we waited at the door when the shop was opening up to be able to get a copy of that album. That kind of excitement is more or less gone, but then you can spread the word like wildfire through MySpace [and other sites]. I’m a bit too old-school for that, but I do understand its value and its humongous impact. But I wouldn’t mind being richer.

[Attention Deficit Delirium]


2 responses to “HIM

  1. “I don’t think that music is so expensive now”

    LOL. If 1$ for an mp3 is not expensive he must be living in another world.

    • VampirezHeart

      ~what do u mean?! he’s right tho!
      ~maybe he must be living in another world, So What?!

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