Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre rose to fame in the late 80s with legendary rap group NWA. In 2000, Dre was involved in bringing the former Napster down, alongside Metallica. He sued and Napster ultimately settled. In an interview from the era of the controversy:

I’m one of the few individuals in this business that owns his Masters. My Masters come back to me after a certain period of time. And this is something that my kids are gonna be able to eat on in the future, Period.. Napster is just a new high-tech way of Bootlegging, period! That’s all it is and fuck that! A lotta people involved with Napster are talking about music should be free. Well how the fuck are we supposed to make it? It costs to make it! Straight up, this is my job! I bet you there’s nobody at Napster that’s workin’ for free. So why you tellin’ me I should?

(No recent word on how Dre feels about his role in Napster’s fall.)

[Dr Dre]


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