Escape The Fate

Craig Mabbit is the lead singer of successful “screamo” band Escape The Fate. Mabbit sees a correlation between records torrented and popularity, but isn’t happy with the associated lack of profit:

It bothers me as a new artist. I’m sure it’s affected artists who worked back in the day, before this all came about, but it’s kinda different for me. As a kid, being in a band, we’d put our shit up online and it really does suck when people download your music for free ’cause obviously that’s how we pay our bills nowadays. It’s so hard for an artist to sell a bunch of records these days. If someone has a Gold record, it’s almost like they’ve actually got a Platinum record, ’cause who knows how many records they would’ve sold without Internet piracy? But would we modern artists even be that big without people downloading our music through the Internet? It’s definitely a love-hate relationship; a definite double-edged sword.

[Escape The Fate]


2 responses to “Escape The Fate

  1. I’ll never buy your music until I’ve heard it first. If you impress me, you get my money because I know you’re trying to make a living. You’ll find several CD’s of my favorite artists in my home. You’ll also find that I’ve heard every single one of those tracks BEFORE I bought it.

    The music industry needs to change. I don’t have the solution, and neither do the record producers. The problem is that they don’t see a problem….

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