Twitter, bias, leads, feedback, press…

While you’ll see that posts on Pirate Verbatim date back to a few months ago, I consider my site two weeks old. It was just two weeks ago that I bought “” and officially, publicly, launched. In this short time, I’ve received a fair bit of press without really trying and I’m able to keep up with nearly every mention of PV around the internet. 98% of the feedback is positive! What’s interesting, however, is that other 2% – that tiny handful of negative comments I’ve garnered echo the same concern: bias!
To understand why this just isn’t true, you’ll have to understand my method in gathering material for PV: I don’t start out by searching for specifically pro or anti statements, and I don’t pass if I find a decent quote. I start with a list of names of bands and musicians. MC Hammer, Ani Difranco, Eminem, Fleet Foxes- you can see from my artists page that I start with an impossibly varied list. And then I search. Artist by artist by artist. I find, I post.
So if you notice that a majority of Pirate Verbatim posts center on pro-filesharing standpoints, it’s because the majority of my found interview answers and such by artists are pro-filesharing. This of course doesn’t mean that most artists are for illegal downloads. I’d bet that the reverse is true. But it seems that the breadth of statements against piracy are by other, non-artist folks in the music industry who’ve already gotten their word out time and time again.
This is where tips go a long way. If you know of any artists who have spoken out, just drop it anywhere. Comment boxes, an email, or if you want to get fancy, do whatever you do at PV’s new Twitter. Just give me as much info as you have and I’ll smooth it out.
Now back to that Twitter deal. I gave in and created a Twitter page. You should know what to do with that.
Well, that’s all, folks. These annoying news bulletins won’t come often, I promise. I’ll be back to delivering the same old content as usual by the next post!



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