PV Links: Volume 1

Every week, we’ll post one basic linkdump full of handy links. Okay, they might not be handy, but they may possibly be interesting. Here is episode one!

Limewire Shut Down Permanently
Most of you probably already know- Last week, peer-to-peer service Limewire was shut down permanently by the RIAA.

A new approach to “fund creativity”- start funding a musician’s next project before it happens. Browse projects by city or category and make donations!

Spotify now top-tier music revenue source in Sweden
Spotify is making more money for labels than any other retailer in Sweden.

Dresden Dolls – A Is For Accident
The Dresden Dolls are following the pay-what-you-want model with their new album.

Jammie Thomas hit with $1.5 million verdict
Mother of 4 Jammie Thomas is ordered to pay $1.5 million to Capital Records for illegally distributing 24 songs.

Thank You for my $0.00077601. No really thank you.
Benji Rogers speaks from personal experience on musician profit from digital services- Spotify lands $0.00077601 per song in his pocket.

Music downloads aren’t killing music. They are killing record companies. Hurray!!
Brian Canavan on why he believes that musicians can thrive without our dying record labels.

Boom in music games helps original artists
Video games as a way to save the music industry (Aerosmith made more from Guitar Hero than either of its last two albums)

Losing Steam: Why Digital Track Sales Are Flat
Jeff Pollack with an overview and analysis on individual track sales

Creator of Minecraft doesn’t think illegal downloading is theft
“Instead of watching those who copied the game like thieves, I see them as potential customers.”

Sean Parker: War on Music Piracy is a Failure
Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, says that there’s no doubt about it- file-sharing has won; new approach needed

France To Subsidize Music Downloads To Combat Piracy
12-25 year olds in France can get $50 gift cards for $25 for the next two years (French govt pays the difference).

Ministry Of Sound abandons file-sharing court bid
Record label Ministry Of Sound called off legal action against illegal downloaders due to an ISP deleting key customer details

Finland ISPs To Warn Pirating Customers
In Finland, now mandatory to warn illegally downloading customers


One response to “PV Links: Volume 1

  1. Gotta thank you for the links to Kickstarter and that article by Benji Rogers (which led me to Pledgemusic.com)! Didn’t even know sites like those existed.

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