Danko Jones

Danko Jones – lead singer of Canadian rock band Danko Jones – speaks of what he views as the demise of the music industry:

I’m not worried about the music, maybe the industry itself. As much as the infrastructure of the industry has helped bands, it has hurt a lot of bands too so maybe the industry collapsing isn’t such a bad thing. Its bad that people at record labels have lost their jobs because there isn’t as much money floating around in the industry. On the other hand, its really bought the music onto a level playing field. Bands that didn’t have that marketing money can have a MySpace page and have the potential access to the same number of people that a Madonna or a Metallica would have. Everyone talks about how everyone is losing their jobs in the industry. But what no one talks about is the number of band that have been fucked over by labels. Majors and Indies – indies aren’t above fucking over their bands. So if someone lost their job at a label, I’m sorry to hear it but for every one person who lost their job at a label, there’s about 10 bands who got fucked over.

Danko Jones has been vocal in their support of file-sharing since their formation in 1996, and leadman Jones has speculated that this was the reasoning in being dropped by their former label.

I couldn’t honestly give a shit less if someone downloads an album for free. As long as they hear the music. That’s what’s important to me right now. We’ve been known as the band that lost their deal because we were too vocal about downloading. I really don’t care about that whole deal anymore… they’re all gone and we’re still here so we won and the fans won.

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[Danko Jones]


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