Rob Crow is a multi-instrumentalist with an extensive discography who has led or contributed to whole mess of bands and projects, most notably indie rock band Pinback. In a recent interview, Crow was asked about DRM and file-sharing:

It’s weird. I do believe everything should be free, but if people don’t buy my stuff I can’t afford to make any more. I personally have a HUGE collection of CD’s, music DVD’s, and vinyl that I’ve bought and will continue to buy. But I also have several hundred gigs of the like on my PC.

And from Zach of Pinback, after a pre-release album leak in 2007:

It’s not that Pinback minds downloading the album. We just hope that if people do that they will still go out and buy the album. This album comes with amazing artwork that our friend Mike Sutfin did for us. We don’t mind if someone downloads a few songs to get a taste of the album. Napster is where a lot of our fans came from and it was a great thing. It is unfortunate that the album leaked so early. We knew that it was inevitable and hoped that it would leak closer to the release date but unfortunately a writer in S.F. downloaded the album onto his itunes and it was a shared folder. It was extremely irresponsible on his part. There is a lot of controversy going on the Pinback Yahoo site. Folks are getting a little mad at each other about whether to download or not to download. Either way it is up to you to decide whether or not to download the album. But thanks for your support.

[Rob Crow discography]


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