REO Speedwagon

Neil Doughty is the sole remaining founding member of REO Speedwagon, formed in 1967. Regarding illegal downloading:

…The Napster type thing and the file sharing, that doesn’t really hurt the big band. If somebody downloads Eminem’s records instead of buying ’em, he’s still ok. But, it’s the sales of an Eminem type record that gives the label the money they need to nurture the new bands. A Napster type thing is fine for us. It just lets more people hear our music and more people come to see us live. But, that’s part of the reason it’s so hard for a new band to make it, because most albums don’t break even and the labels need that big, big hit in order to make money to bring up a new talent. And, it’s the Top Ten records they make their money on. Those are the ones that are losing sales to downloads. You can’t feel sorry for Eminem. He’s doing fine. I’d like to see a way for the labels to get some of that money back so that they could help newer groups and give ’em more than one record as a chance.

Kevin Cronin joined the band after their debut album in 1971. On Napster:

In my naive way of thinking, I like people to hear our music no matter what. In that way I think Napster is a great way to get people to hear the music. I just wish there was a little more control. For example, if they only put one or two songs from a CD up, that might motivate people to buy the CD. I was talking to Mickey Dolenz about this. His point was that record companies are investing in young bands. If they know that as soon as the record gets made it’ll be available on Napster for free, what’s the motivation to continue to invest in young bands? It’s definitely a two-sided issue.

[ClassicBands] [USAtoday]


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