Neil Young

Neil Young doesn’t care if his music is made available for free online, but strongly opposes the quality of mp3s.

They [the fans] are going to do that anyway – people are going to copy all this music. We don’t have to deal with that. All we’re doing is supplying the motherlode, trying to give them quality whether they want it or not. You can degrade it as far as you want, we just don’t want our name on it. It’s up to the masses to distribute it however they want. The laws don’t matter at that point. People sharing music in their bedrooms is the new radio.”



3 responses to “Neil Young

  1. Timothy John Morgan

    I think Neil has it about right. I love the artists that act like music is being destroyed. The record business is changing, but you can’t destroy music. People will always write songs, even if they’re slaves working in the cotton fields.

  2. Very interesting and useful information, thanks!

  3. Somebody needs to tell this man about FLAC. (:

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