What’s New?

With the influx of readers (and hopefully subscribers), I’d like to say a whole mess of cliches starting with “thank you, it makes it all worth it”. I’m glad so many people are finding this venture to be as interesting as I have.

Over upcoming days, I’ll be making a few changes and additions. Nothing big:
– An improved, more professional sourcing method.
– A weekly post featuring a handful of views written by non-artist professionals in the music business. (Find anything that should be featured?)
– A twice-weekly post featuring a few handfuls of links to free, artist-approved music for stream and/or download. (Find any free music to be featured?)

And lastly, an apology: I edited 30+ old posts and realized after submitting changes that they were marked as “new” in RSS feeds- that won’t happen again!

Pirate Verbatim



2 responses to “What’s New?

  1. Thanks for sharing us informative entries.

  2. this is really interesting! keep on!

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