Gama Bomb

Irish metal band Gama Bomb issued an open letter to Paul McGuinness, U2 manager, regarding his article entitled ‘How to save the music industry’. Gama Bomb argues that where McGuinness is right, he is still missing a large part of the debate. They explain why they, with permission from their record label, released their third album for free, even as a low-budget band. The letter summarizes the letter by McGuinness and examines his motives and solutions from a different angle. GB also questions why U2’s alternative profitable ventures aren’t taken into account and debunks a few key arguments made by McGuinness.

Two things stunned me as I read the article. First was Paul’s own emphasis on the negative nature of prosecuting consumers for file sharing, though the . . . legislation he champions offers no less a persecution to the very people artists rely on.

Read the open letter by Gama Bomb in full as intended here.


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