Lupe Fiasco

Hip hop artists tend to be a bit quieter when it comes to illegal downloading, but Lupe Fiasco commented on the matter in an interview with AV Club:

It was flattering. On the end of the people who were downloading it, it was cool. It was more of a shock to try and find out who was downloading it, or where the leak was coming from. To see the response it got from people was great. Even though it hurt in other areas, it was still good to know there was a movement of people out there who were interested in what we were doing. . . I know for a fact [that bootlegging hurt first week sales]. If we had came out within two weeks of when the album leaked the first time, we would have done double then what we’re doing now. It’s a trade-off. To know you have a movement of people who are actually interested in what you’re doing, and to get massive reviews for it is cool, because it gives you credibility as an artist. Which is one thing people thought we were lacking . . . they were really unaware. And then they got to hear a body of work, and they were ready. The trade-off was the first week’s sales two months later.

In 2006, Lupe Fiasco released his debut album on Atlantic Records and has been with the label since. His 3rd release (Lasers; March 1, 2011) is also on Atlantic.


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