In 2007, Blabbermouth posted a quote by Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill, vocalist of Irish folk-metal band Priomordial – a quote Averill now says was taken out of context:

“. . .a whole generation of people feels it’s their right to get music for free. We are given money from our label, within which we have to record our album. It’s our choice if we want to give them some crap ProTooled bedroom recording, but we don’t. We have to repay that money through our sales. If we don’t sell anything, we get dropped, we don’t have money to record, go on tour et cetera. I have to pay to make Primordial’s music, so why should someone else get it completely for free? All I can say is for as long as Primordial exists we will stand opposed to [illegal downloading]. . .

Later, in an interview conducted by Mtuk Metal ‘Zine, AA says:

“Blabbermouth took this quote from me out of context. I was talking about the pros and cons but they printed just what I said about the cons. So I get all this “if it wasn’t for downloading I would never have heard of your band”. In the modern age, with Myspace and all that getting your songs out there and downloading is important. I think the concept that if you own a shop and I go in there and take something and don’t pay for it and walk out, you are going to go “you better pay for that”. The fact is the record label gives us money, which is like a loan that we have to repay in sales and if everyone just gets it for free, it just doesn’t work like that. The thing is I also understand that people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to hear the band download it and then go and buy the album. That is what didn’t get put across on Blabbermouth.


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