Black Sabbath

Stay Thirsty interviewed Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward in early 2010.

I have some feelings about it. If I say anything, I must preface it by saying that we [the band] were all brought up in the age of the ’60s at a time when how you made a record was that you would release it out and people actually bought it. [laughs] So it’s very different today. It can be a little bit frustrating. I think it’s a shame that we get bootlegged so much, we were always bootlegged anyway, but now people are just grabbing a copy downloading it and not thinking twice about it. It’s just difficult for me to be supportive of that. I mean, it’s always been music first and money somewhere down the line. But now, it’s really tough to actually make a living in this business. These days records aren’t selling and a lot of bands are making money not only through touring but also through their own merchandise. And even newer bands are getting those ripped off. There has to be a bread and butter responsibility attached to it. I think that a lot of bands, including Sabbath, have all done their fair share of being on the stage and putting their necks out and putting their balls on the line and doing all kinds of charitable things. We’ve been involved in a lot of these things, working towards a greater awareness in music. So when it comes to downloading something, and not wanting to pay for it, it’s an individual choice you know? I’m not going to slag anybody for doing it, I’m not going to say they’re just assholes or whatever; they’ve just been brought up in a different age when they think that’s okay.

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