Lacuna Coil

May 2010: Metal Underground asked Andrea Ferro of metal band Lacuna Coil about the self-release approach taken by bands such as Nine Inch Nails.

“It’s something interesting for the future because the labels are changing and cutting the budget, so I don’t know how long they will still be there. Maybe it’s the way for the future. You can always do your own label and finance yourself and then you can have somebody promote the album, who’s somebody who knows how to promote an album. You can’t put it out there without promotion. You need somebody who follows the radio market, the potential TV market and the internet campaign. Those things don’t happen without a reason. There are people who work to promote the band in different territories. So if you have the right structure you can do it for sure. The bands who can do that either don’t have a problem with money or they have the right kind of followings that are based on the internet and that kind of stuff.”


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