We’ve got another one of those in-depth responses- this time from Richard Patrick, frontman of the band Filter in an interview dated September 3, 2010:

You know, the audience has decided that they’re not going to pay for music any more. I was just talking to a few friends at record companies and they spoke of this kid who left a comment: “I can’t believe that the new Zakk Wylde album costs so much, you know, it only costs 5 dollars to make a record. . .” Well, do you know why? . . . Fact is, Zakk went about and made something from nothing and has put it on a medium so that he can make money to sustain himself and his family. That’s why. These kids, have no fucking idea what they are doing. By downloading and pirating all this music, you are taking away from an artist’s livelihood. You know, I get it, everybody has other things that they want to spend their money on; but I was at this gig, and people were like: “Damn, 10 bucks for a CD…” and I thought to myself, well you have just spent 6 bucks on a beer that you are going to piss out in 10 minutes. It actually defies logic. Studios are not cheap and considering that we worked on the album for 8 months, we have many costs to pay. While some artists like Lady Gaga, Coldplay and other heavy touring artists may stand to make a lot of money, we don’t tour much, we don’t get out much… so the audience needs to decide, do you want to get behind something? Or do you want to steal from it and be part of its demise?

He notes that Filter’s latest album includes artwork that completes the story of the album.


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