Bad Religion

Greg Graffin of Bad Religion answers’s “What are your feelings on piracy?” in 2006:

I think for a piece of art to be shared is a great thing, if it’s a good piece of art. But to claim it as your own is of low character. . . At the same time, sharing art is a great thing. I guess I distinguish the sharing of it as a kid would do when he downloads something on the internet, than an artist who steals a riff or a part of a song from another artist and claims it as his own. I think that’s much more of an error, and much more evidence of a low character.


One response to “Bad Religion

  1. For anyone interested in Bad Religion, they’re currently streaming their entire discography from their website.

    I’ve listened to Suffer for the first time in years and will probably buy a copy when payday rolls around.


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