Way back in 2003, Doug Robb of Hoobastank answered the usual question on piracy:

“. . . If somebody could tell me right now, you know, you could snap your fingers and everything, all that music downloading and everything would stop, I’d snap my fingers. Honestly, I understand wanting to get the music for free or whatever and stuff like that, but I think a lot of kids will interpret that like “oh, he just wants to make money from record sales and blah blah blah”, but they don’t really understand that we don’t see any money from record sales hardly ever. We sold over a million records and we ddn’t see a penny. It’s all being recouped from stuff they spend on us. . . I just kind of disagree with it. . . I hear kids saying, ‘well how are we going to get our music?’ The whole world survived before the internet.”


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