“You can’t do anything about it so why bitch about it? I used to tape my friend’s records on cassete tape so…”

– Fat Mike in a 2007 interview with Black And Blue Press

And in 2009, Fat Mike explained that music piracy is the reason for their touring in diverse places.

Back in 2000- at the beginning of the file-sharing boom and the Napster v. Metallica ordeal- Fat Mike was singing a slightly different tune. In a Q&A session on the official NOFX site:

“I’m kinda on the fence here. I totally back all freedoms on the internet, but a lot of hard working bands are getting cheated out of royalties they need to live off of. Making a living from playing music is hard enough on its own. I think Napster makes it a little harder for us musicians and a little easier for the general record buying public. I think the whole issue is pretty grey, but if it comes down to freedom against big business, I will stand on freedom’s side every time.”


One response to “NOFX

  1. He also recorded the song “Dinosaurs will die” on his 2000 album Pump up the Valuum which is a pretty anti-record label song.


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