The Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan, in an August 2010 interview with Spin Magazine, discussed the impact of an “online world” and subsequent adaptations artists must make to keep in touch with fans and keep them interested.

“The ticket prices keep going up and up and up. . . So, I think that there’s got to be a way to give people all over the world access to what you’re doing. The difficulty, of course, is helping them find out that you’re doing it. There’s just so much information out there. I would want an interpretive aspect to the music. . . There’s a way to reach people in different ways that are outside the traditional models. . . One song [for free] at a time really isn’t that big of a deal. Does it cost money? Yeah. But it’s not going to put me in the poor house. I’m enjoying it and that’s the best part. I just do what I want to do. I don’t ask permission.”

Corgan also discussed his intent in leaving a major label: “If you make it about, ‘What can you give me today?’ then, well, that’s not music. I call it McDonald’s music. It’s fast food music.” He calls for labels to reach back to the morals and integrity they once had.


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