Parkway Drive

Loudside interviewed Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall in 2008.

“I don’t really mind [illegal downloading], to be honest. Things are gonna leak these days, and I find especially with metal bands, or hardcore bands, or punk bands or anything that’s out of the mainstream, I think downloading affects it less when it comes to record sales and support and that kind of stuff. Simply because the music is one facet of what’s going on. The music is very important, but kids like to have something solid, they like to support bands, and the artwork and the actual… I guess the package as a whole is more than just the music. I find that kids like to hear things initially, and then they’ll still buy the cd, so I don’t really mind. If kids like the music enough to go out and buy it after they’ve heard it like two months before hand, then it’s cool. But if not, well they probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place anyway.”


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