My Favorite Highway

David Cook, lead singer of the pop band My Favorite Highway, recently blogged about the issues he sees in piracy and leaks.

The reason that the bands and artists you love don’t achieve the success and popularity you’d like to see them achieve is because people don’t buy their records. I’m personally disappointed that my record leaked, not for financial reasons, not because I was hoping to sell a lot of records my first week, but because as an artist I have a vision for how I want my creation to be presented.

He goes on to explain that in his view, artists who lack in official legal album sales (due to piracy) are pushed less by their major labels, and that in the eyes of the record label, concert tickets sold are insignificant.

A lot of times an artist’s success is determined by how much money and effort a record label will invest in their record. . . If the giant banks we call record labels don’t receive a return on their investment they bail.


One response to “My Favorite Highway

  1. Does it bother anybody else when artists claim that piracy is the reason they don’t achieve popularity? Financial stability, sure. But it’s absolutely ridiculous to claim that people don’t know who you are because too many people are buying your record. It’s like saying “Nobody goes there anymore, its too crowded.”

    The number of people downloading and listening to your album for free is ALWAYS going to be higher than the amount of people who would’ve bought your album had file-sharing never become so popular.

    Who the fuck is My Favorite Highway anyway?

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