Grizzly Bear

In 2009, Veckatimest was leaked in poor quality, far ahead of time. Grizzly Bear blogged:

So yeah, we are kind of bummed this leaked so early. We know it’s not the 90’s anymore and times have changed, and we’re super grateful for all the support people have shown us on the blogs and internet, but we were kind of hoping it wouldn’t happen this soon. . . I have conflicting opinions about it, as it’s really complicated, but ultimately it saddens me that a bummer-quality version of Veckatimest is going around.

He goes on to encourage people to pre-order and wait until a better version is released.

In 2008 however, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear blogged about an Animal Collective album. Problem was, the album hadn’t been released legally yet. Droste posted an apology on the website for one week.


One response to “Grizzly Bear

  1. That is so hilariously awesome.

    The Griz is seriously one of my favorite bands, but I have to depart from the norm and say that Horn Of Plenty is my favorite album even though everything since then is just a major departure from it. HoP is all tinny lofi shit.

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