The Scorpions

Obviously the technology is this advanced. So you have to live with what there is. Once something is free, people don’t understand why they have to pay for it again, which I can understand also. But in the end, you are destroying the basis for the artist to make music.”

– Matthias Jabs, Scorpions guitarist, in a 2008 interview.

And in a 2010 ultimate-guitar interview with with Rudolf Schenker, guitarist/songwriter:

I think we are open for everything. One thing is very important. Everybody is maybe not so happy about downloading and piracy and stuff like this. It’s not good. There’s no question about it. The new technology offers so many interesting things to use, to work with, to play with. It’s up to you how much you work with it. It’s up to you how much you want to be used or to use it. I think it’s great using it, but I’m not so happy getting used by it. In this case, I found a good mixture by enjoying it – but not too much.

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