Music Matters

Straight from the source, “The Music Matters campaign is a collective of people across the music industry, including artists, retailers, songwriters, labels and managers, formed to remind listeners of the significance and value of music.”

Music Matters  has one key objective- to convince music fans to pay for their music. They remind us of the work, dedication, and other factors that establish music. MM has a series of short films on their cause, depicting the success stories, hardships and triumphs, of artists such as Kate Bush, Nick Cave, and The Jam.

They acknowledge that it will take many years to subside pirating. “It’s not going to happen overnight but I think the whole point is basically creating awareness and to chip, chip away. The key thing is that this is a starting point,” says Byrnes, of Universal Music.

A “trustmark” is a type of certification seal created by Music Matters to ensure legal downloading. Sites and services MM trusts include  iTunes,  Spotify, Vodaphone, Amazon, MTV, Nokia, Napster, and many more.

Visit the Music Matters website here.


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