MC Hammer

Yepp, even MC Hammer is taking a stance on piracy. His happens to be anti-piracy, but also… anti-labels-suing-ISPs.

“The approach that the music industry took to fight piracy was the wrong strategy. . . When there is a murder done with [a] gun, do they go back to the guy who sold the gun at the store and arrest him? No they don’t. They arrest the person who [fired]  it. So in this particular case, somebody is stealing content using the freeway. You can’t go back and sue the construction men.”

He also notes that he disagrees with going after individual file-sharers.

MC Hammer has this to say about digital media versus physical CDs:

‘So digital files are no doubt not just the future, but the present. I think that it’s [the CD format] on its last legs, it’s on an artificial respirator.”


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