Lily Allen

In early 2009, British singer Lily Allen created a blog entitled “It’s Not Alright” in support of a government proposal to disconnect internet users found pirating music. Soon, however, her blog content was discovered to be a plagiarism itself. With no attribution, the opening paragraph was a cut-and-paste of a Techdirt article written by Michael Masnick. When the media picked up on this, she then explained that she wasn’t trying to pass the 100+ words as her own. Allen was also revealed to have released many mixtapes featuring many unauthorized tracks. She responded, stating that this was years ago, before she understood. She has been scrutinized for posting scans of newspaper articles and more on her website as well. YouTube user Dan Bull posted a reply song, which garnered 400,000 views.
The media called her hypocritical, and on the day in which she announced her music career’s end, Allen fired back against these reports by closing the blog, with an accompanying Twitter post, stating that “the abuse was getting too much”.
She has since retracted her support of the anti-piracy legislation saying that she no longer has something to gain from it.


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