Brit alt-rock band Radiohead emphatically takes a stand against the RIAA and anti-piracy legislature. Members of the band lead the non-profit artist-rights organization Featured Artists Coalition. See our post on the FAC here.
Ed O’brien, Radiohead guitarist, had this to say about file-sharing in a January 2010 interview with MidemNet:

There’s a very strong part of me that feels that peer-to-peer illegal downloading is just a more sophisticated version of what we did in the 80s, which was home taping… If they really get into your music, some will buy the album. It was when this whole taping is killing music, skull and crossbones stuff…. Peer to peer filesharing happens and if they really like it, some of them might go buy the records… then go buy a concert ticket, buy a t-shirt. I have a problem about it when people in the industry say it’s killing the industry, ripping us apart. I don’t actually believe it is.”

He then goes on to address issues that include the cost, as well as younger teenagers who don’t have credit cards, saying “how are they supposed to buy music digitally?
He notes that this is his own personal view, but evidence suggests that the remaining members of Radiohead take this stance as well, particularly their involvement in the FAC.

In 2007, Radiohead released an album officially and independently as a digital download, after leaving their label. They explained that customers could download the album for any price that they saw fit- including free. One week later, Radiohead released the album retail as a full goodie box containing a CD (extra songs included), vinyl, and an art book. It was a bold move, and paid off– In Rainbows generated more money than Hail To The Thief, their previous album.


One response to “Radiohead

  1. I loved his ideal pay what you want for this digital album, This was the first time i paid for Radiohead album and it felt great knowing were your money was going to, strait to the Musician!
    I wish more artiste would follow this model

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